Snow Removal

Automatic Solar Panel Snow Removal System

The Most Innovative Solar Panel Snow Removal Solution


The award-winning Hain System is an automated solar panel snow removal system.  Its German Engineered design optimizes solar panel production during the winter. Since 2009, the Hain System has been utilized on sites across Europe.


As solar panels accumulate snow the Hain System sends a signal to its central control unit and switches into heating mode.  After this switch has been activated, each solar panel will gently warm and start to melt the snow; keeping solar panels clear and structurally safe even during a blizzard.


Once snowfall stops, the system automatically switches back into production mode!


The Hain System guarantees full production as soon as the sun comes out.  Eliminating costly, slower manual snow removal methods. The Hain System will keep your solar panels clear of snow while keeping your warranty intact.

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How does the Hain System work?  Simple!

When the Hain System’s sensors detect 1cm of snowfall, your system’s inverter is switched off and the Eulektra Solar Reverter is triggered.

The Reverter takes alternating current from the public grid, converts it into direct current and securely feeds it to the solar modules through the Hain System.

The solar modules gradually warm the panels and begin melting snow or ice.

When the sensors detect that snowfall has stopped, the Eulektra Solar Reverter is switched off and the inverter is powered back on; production of electricity automatically resumes.

*Since all PV systems are designed to safely carry voltage overloads, the Hain System will not affect the warranty nor the quality or performance after it switches back into production mode.

The Hain System

The Hain System was the 2011 winner of the nationwide German Innovation Competition “365 Landmarks, Land of Ideas”.  For more information about the innovation awards visit:



  • Increase your profits by keeping PV solar panels clear of snow
  • Quick ROI – 2.5 years or fewer in ideal conditions
  • Guaranteed to keep your panel’s warranty intact
  • Efficient Snow Removal Method – Eliminating costly, slower manual snow removal
  • Easy-to-Install – Retrofitting of existing systems is simple
  • Protects Against Snow Loads